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LuangpuPruek Watkingkaew

Skip the location of the airport. Is known as the city of the famous monk. Of past generations to the present day. The pundits in another form. Even if you were to talk to for more than 50 years, but sacred objects that you created. To have been very popular among followers and collectors as well.

He is regarded as the god of the Gulf is "a Marie Provost Please Swiss" or the popular folk hit called "The Grandfather Bath Road fractures intelligence" the former abbot of Wat King Kaew Rachatheva Samutprakarn.

The Glass is located at 23 King Kaew Road Moo 13 Samutprakarn Las Vegas was built in 2428, originally called "Wat Phai King" later Mom has come Glass Preservation and restoration measures to grow the firm. Has been dubbed the new measure. "The King of Glass" today. This measure was given Wisugcamsima. About the year 2429.

Taro said Grandfather was born in a golden treasure from the Klong Samrong Samutprakarn. On Thursday, August 12, 2412 falls on the fifth lunar month, 9-year-Snake Guillaume father - and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Happy golden egg golden treasure my brother has the same 8 people, you are a son, 5.

At age 13 years, father Guillaume deposited with the school teacher in Riverside Robert full measure Glass. Samut Prakan until the age of 15 years have enough knowledge to read and write. Then returned to the family profession of farming, gardening until the age of 18 years were recruited into active service in the Royal Navy two years and returned to help his father - the mother. Agricultural occupations as before.

At the age of 21 years he decided to initiation ceremony traditionally measured Glass by Luang Pu Thong Wat Civil (Wat Bua), a preceptor, the teacher filled in by a good measure of Glass is the Krrmwahaharis the nickname ". North Carolina intelligence ".

After ordination. Be stay at Wat King Kaew. Thailand to study the language more knowledgeable the Shan began to study the discipline. Khmer character study and practice vipassana Kammaฏฐan. Im a teacher. Wat King Kaew. The lecture.

2442 Teacher Im die. Conclave and the villagers have agreed to Luang Pu Taro. Traditionally served as pastor instead.

After the inauguration and the abbot of Wat Luang Pu Taro had with locals and taking in their efforts as well. Has built up such Thawornwatthu temple Phra Buddha temple replica Sala Rai Buddha School Scripture. And local schools.

2443 he was appointed coadjutor Rajateva 2446 was appointed. Orders of the Chief Provost beautiful ocean (tiny), coadjutor Samut Prakan. Wat Klang. The Charter and the preceptor.

2480 has been a royal priest commissioned the Provost. "Please Quebec provost for Mary".

BE 2487 was appointed a Director of disciplines. ใna public organizations. Phli, Samut Prakan.

Albino monk Luang Pu is the dark side of magical incantations. Siษyanusiษis teaching faculty. With compassion.

News Categories Luang Pu Taro. Many models have been very popular as a type coin casting the bell of the powder and the powder is very popular Grandfather fractures. Model Year 2460-2465 Digging a small pond and a large, square coin Grandfather built Year 2481 taro, taro Buddha Grandfather built Year 2485-2486 onwards.

Categories Grandfather fractures. Word to recount the wonderful grace. Complete both towards immortality. Escape safely. Be invulnerable Winning collector amulets sacred object. The reason for mentioning the name of a sacred object that excavated the pool then. With the construction of the scheme. "The King of Glass" was originally a plain surrounded by canals that surround the park. Rain is water.

While there, Luang Pu Taro intends to build a church. Area was excavated soil into a large pool. To store water for the dry season. A memorial to those students and residents and in-kind contributions to help with physical strength.

Luang Pu Taro has created the meat powder. Up to a certain amount distributed as souvenirs. This version of the name that "I dig the Pool".

Grandfather fractures die peacefully on March 29, 2501, aged 89 years old 69 tote.

LuangpuTuad Watchanghai

Father or grandfather of King Pha Ko. All regions of Thailand, known as the Benedictine monks with embellishments and Apinya excel so that predominated. "I stepped on a sea of ​​fresh grandfather" grotesque history of continually told people is endless. The more complicated the longer days and extended to become the deepest faith.
Luang grandfather was a really tangible. The story follows the author has compiled several volumes of reference books and a mythical history. Books and documents. Enough to let the reader know that. My great grandfather was one. Born in any era and create the nation and how the religion. A motto to remind future generations forever.
Miracle baby.
         About four hundred years ago, at the end of the reign of Dlamini. At the village of Ayutthaya Park Chan district assembly to leave the city on Friday in a four-year BE 2125 Dragon have a baby boy who was born from a small family. As poverty stricken. But as a spiritual charity. This charity is committed to good morals. Humans and animals without hurting the baby.
 Has said that the "spread" is the son of Mr. Monday, while hearing her youth. Then a miracle baby to the father and mother, brothers and cousins. One day, a snake with a stick slalom large coil wrapped around the baby crib sleeping. Dragon and then not allow anyone to come near the baby lying in the cradle it. Parents until the suspect. The serpent deities would be to convert to a miracle in the glory of our children is unmistakable. Flowers and candles can quickly popped into idol worship. Python is a little wiggle its body out of the crib when the serpent disappeared from it. Parents and relatives were left in the crib with the baby's care. It would appear that Crabs boys still asleep as usual. But above the baby's chest to a loved one, the one with a golden halo of light colored eyes, ears, Mrs. Moon is preserved. Since that time as being a livelihood, they prosper heyday as a sequence is always happy.
Ramona's husband.
         When the time came for the boy was seven years old crab. Father Abbot to Leave Monastery Chuang royal monastery (Wat Luang) to study the crabs are very intelligent boy. Cambodia and Thailand can learn quickly when, aged 15 years, was ordained as a novice and he gave a wonderful glass of identity. The novice had to study with King crab line used to measure Sih (four pairs also) when they reach the age of initiation to study at the New York Office of Thera Maha Chulalongkorn Tuscan colors. The monastery has been nicknamed as "Ramona Thom mosques Amigos," but people call him. "The husband Ram" or "the husband Ramo" Thy husband Ram had studied at Wat Mai temple color city and the several other measures to see that the study of the world enough to get passenger ship travel to Ayutthaya. While traveling to Chumphon. The turbulent waves. The ship can not sail through the waves to be anchored up to seven days. The food and water is no doubt that the crew is on the scene of this miracle for you husband Ram. So I decided to send her husband Ram, the island and invites you to ram into her boat. While sitting in the boat. You can soak your feet dangling into the sea waters that magically came the sparkling brilliance.
         The husband Ram said the crew felt that drinking water is fresh water. It helped to draw them enough. It invites you to the brig brig again. Since then, my husband and I as pointed out above or teacher Ram dating.
         When Ayutthaya. Carrie went to live at the temple. Seminary education. Wat Lum Navassa suicide. Later the residence of the Apostolic Temple. Studied Pali at the fair and then said goodbye and expertise to stay at Wat Rat King Muhammed Navas around 2149 BC with the reign of King Akathodsarod.
Combat intelligence.
         One day at a time until the property nor the husband Ram is widely known throughout the Siam Lue blasts. As a result, during the reign of the Baroque occur Akathodsarod ie those God rotation Car Rimini. Of Ceylon. Who had been a colony of the Kingdom of the South Peninsula. Revenge With the wager is a religion. And want to roll royalty through the Peninsula. Would have been a colony of Ayudhya. But he did not wish the war to the people on both sides died. He planned a peaceful political solution. Think of a way out of Ayutthaya city is the succinct wisdom is important. Think so. God has graciously ordered the Lankan employees. Treasury disbursement of pure gold, the goldsmith to cast courts. Those of gold as small as Bali character tamarind leaves. According to the number of 84,000, the biblical doctrine of the seven, then he said to the old Brahmin priest is the equivalent of seven persons with seven ships laden brig supervisor fluorescent clothing fabrics. And out of the reach of Ayudhya with his puzzle.
         Brahman done on seven trips to Siam then consecrated unto the king's own royal letter to God Akathodsarod. The idea that God, in the royal letter Lanka defy God had translated and edited Siam gold seeds respectively, within seven days from the date of receiving the royal letter onwards. If he did not fulfill the promise they hold Ayudhya under his royalty. And Siam to send flowers, gold and silver floral tribute to the city of Lanka, and to every The settlement like that.
The dream vision.
When he knoweth the Akathodsarod therefore graciously invited the King and authors declare that Sagฆkari Thera throughout the municipality. To act compiled and translated literally in this gold. But no one person can be compiled and interpreted literally in this gold has done over time until the sixth day. Also Priwitk him and the citizens brought together to talk about this rumor out loud.
But one night, when he lay on the King's dream. Galaxy has a great ruler like Lord sculpts a rope. ผaiผan from the west. Strut into the palace and stepped majestically stands prominently on the bed while Okyhnat emphatically voiced throughout the four directions. Okyhnat sound with the power of the Lord was also sculpts rope startled him from his sleep.
Morning when he went out as governor. He made a strange vision to dream and to be respectfully listened to, whose royal deference said. This means a great victory, and his royalty is flung over the sides to lay the whole kingdom. The young monk is one of the west. Volunteer to help translate letters into gold puzzle successfully. King hearing so gradually lighter heart. And sent out as a vassal ensemble monk immediately.
Seven letters.
         Sagฆkari later tried to find the quest. "The husband Ram," the Lord is King. And when asked how he came to the city of shadow play (Phatthalung today) to study the discipline Sagฆkari told the husband the fact that you listen to the Ram have claimed that at the end. "Have you seen the one that matches the dream of the king. Are cordially invited to help resolve the issue such that it becomes well at this opportunity, "whereupon the husband Ram it Sagฆkari to Conclave at the Main Hall the King had ordered employees carpet to sit on the ground to. Brahmin seven people underestimate the Ram by the husband. Teach children to crawl out to solve the mystery. Lord Ram, was solving the Brahmin's husband. When a pregnant mother to the child. Few days to a few months to overturn. Few days, so I took a few months. Few months to a few days to learn to crawl. It's overwhelming to know. Or will they learn to ride. Or will they learn to crawl. Why is it that we can not solve the puzzle. Brahman is still unable to answer the questions you have. Then they brought the golden bowl put the letters into the spoon to her husband Ram.

Somdej KetChaiyo

Temple or Wat Ket Chaiyo.

       Wat Sisaket, a temple floor master Bravo .. Wat kind. Located at District 13 Ang .. Bravo does not appear that anyone has built .. hence the name .. Wat Sisaket Bravo villagers said that this was the land of King Ehgapracun Guillaume Chai Ta .. name .. The charity dedicated to Guillaume and eyes. Kate and her name .. it's name is "Wat Sisaket Bravo", but with a routine that locals call "The Bravo".

         The 2404 King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes in the King wishes to build a large container in the Wat Ket acclaim. But collapses before.

         Year 2406-2407. Her Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto), thus creating a new Buddha. And containing the King of the currently 84,000 but due to a rupture of the meat powder, which created five kinds of grace powder and powder Gaysorn flowers, lime and rice is added to the mix. Banana, nutmeg, banana and banana peel. The meat came out a creamy yellow. And cracking but less capital Wihar grinding (Heng) so I reign in the fourth to give the instructions to mix oil gluten soy meat that does not break the build number, but because the material is not enough to contain temple bell. into.

       The temple has been restored .. new finishes fifth reign in 2437 the shape of ancient Thailand. Mukld out there on the front of the temple .. a .. Chofah gable eaves .. front pillar temple get a mental image I have paintings and murals of the Buddha.

His Majesty the stucco building at Wat Ket Bravo depicted.

His Majesty this dungeon. It turns out to be a rather strange type a unique baroque .. will .. be .. Akreag relief line small and artistic expression. Profound meaning and emotion .. Buddha .. an indelibly perform modal suffering every painstaking endeavors .. .. .. committed to success ..

Somdej Bang Khun Phrom.

Somdej Bang Khun Phrom.

By Professors Pryor Sri Sen forest.
Somdej Bang Khun Phrom. (Dungeon large pagoda).
Somdej Bang Khun Phrom is the currency. "The temple bell" created by King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) Prom radiation is desirable for people who respect and pay homage to your noble grace. Since this auspicious day objects are rare. And the price is very high as well. I am the one that is offering you a great beard hospital. And have the opportunity to occupy the temple bell in many currencies. We have tried to study the history of King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) and the Phra Phrom radiation. Comparable in terms of historical background on scientific principles. And share knowledge with you. To disseminate to grow.
Year 2410 AD King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) Brahma, Buddha rays can begin construction brick Pang save mankind from sin (Standing alms bowl) using the timber as well as foundations. And supervise the construction yourself Intharawiharn measured. As measured at the temple when he was still a novice. During construction the hotel clerk beetle enacted Constitution has great economic and kinship articulates itself as laymen of HRH Guillaume Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) Prom radiation.
But in the year 2411 "badge clerk Beetle" from currency "Constitution Grove Guangzhou" has Brooke monastery Wat Na Amatarot. And restoration of the pagoda for a great charity. The family and a pagoda. Conventional in those days. By the second episode of a pagoda. Large to contain the various tablet. According to ancient folklore in order to inherit Buddhism. And small to contain the bones That Chedi ancestors. Starting from the year 2411 until the year 2413 to complete, then the worship of the Pope's comments Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) Prom Queen radiation to create the successor to the Buddha. religion And the creation of the great merits of the lineage. King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) Prom radiation you give permission. And deliver the magic powder used to build your temple bell part. (From the writings of Mr. Bird Sachฌukr interviewed live up to the moral permanent Phutthachan Ecclesiastes King (Toronto) Prom radiation magical powder that has about half the bowl. Powder in a mortar and pound every time you Ehgapracun Majesty will sprinkle magic powder at varying at leisure until completed) when it clerical magic powder coat anointed. The team also supply various mass texts to meet the King of King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) Prom radiation in all respects.
In a matter of creating a new type that has created a new template and etching all 9 print is printed piece trimmed and cut back. By skilled technicians among dozens of Rattanakosin, but to be a different team with elephants print temple bell. Because a skilled technician in the same currency in the same art. The master key is typed temple bell. So the Queen has a beautiful Wat Suthat temple bell similar to that.
Print Somdej Bang Khun Prom 9th printing.
First. Capitalized.
Two. Printing the pagoda.
Three. Bawtom print head.
Four. Printed yarn.
Five. Printed SAM database.
6th. Printing Sagฆaฏi.
Seven. Printing Prok Pho.
8th. Printing base pairs.
9th. Printing quantity Garuda.
The assumption that the number 84,000 is the Trrmkants. The King finished with white plaster elderly.
Chanted by the King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) Prom holy and pleasing to radiation alone until chanted sutras, full of charm.
When chanted as possible and then have to call the pope said. "Somdej Bang Khun Prom" by the district to the pagoda. And container paneling was imported in large pagoda. Small pagoda and were not distributed to any person. Including the assumption that the temple bell filler panels to as many people popularly called "the two canals."
After packing the Majesty in the pagoda since the year 2413 until the crisis on the country in a dispute with France. In the reign of King Rama V and King Rama 5 in the case of Indochina. Have been smuggled Open three times as follows.
1st December 2425.
2nd December 2436.
3rd December 2459.
Open to smuggle three times. Using illegal fishing methods such as using molding clay pellet. Attached to the end of the rope through the ventilation holes are then pulled up. Fill the water through the ventilation holes to allow water to melt the cling of the Lord. The Stealth Open three times, then the pope will be in the upper part, so beautiful. And complete. HRH the popular priest known as "The King Bangkhunprom old dungeon" where the nature of caste will be a little dirt dungeon. Or only some. Imagine the beautiful soft texture contrast print. Worsted weight and the mortar.
Ultimately, the group illegally excavated at the base by the year 2500 was to be his lot. (The source of the Princess Dungeon Bangkhunprom Thana. Tales from the experience. Wong Su Mo monk of theology or the Master Insurance dip in the night that the rain is not very heavy. Rowdy the northern jointly smuggle into the area near the base of the pagoda as well as the burrow into it. And brought out a lot and does not carry with it the authorities will see the left side of the temple had several bags. A person named Tana home in the neighborhood is to retain the series, this is a lot to be collected from those who illegally dumped or they may know, but later sold it to you Takerng power market accounts. a disciple of your own. Which, together with a general income persistence Pat's "four King" which the pope Bangkhunprom purchased with beautiful stain less dungeon. Dungeon and stains before they have a capture page) until Amatarot temple. Contact the Department to take. Open and formally invited by Gen. Charu stable illumination presided over the opening ceremony on Nov. 27 Dungeon In 2500 he brought out was a popular Phra called "Phra Somdej Bang Khun Prom repository. New "on the balance of the separation of the good and the beautiful three thousand fragments only. The remaining binding crystallized Less damaged almost all Exclusionary nature of the stain, cover with thick chunky grip. The condition is that the surface of the crystals throughout the body. Also called sticky egg white gypsum stains stains Kigmad be named or referred to, however, depend Are formed by reactions between cement and water to the meat of the matter is the King of all. Both are wet, hot, cold, and being immersed in water for a long time with mud, etc., but it was here that the King some statistics on the use of a range of meat will be just soft, close to temple bell as well.
For the sake of the type known as a popular print 9 print is the least common type is type Prok Pho. Buddha is said to have reached 20 and are also found in several reclining type with about 22 less than the currently very rare. Small pagoda in the dungeon in the gangster era, but it appears that little attention after Open III was found in the many tens of thousands have. His prints were found that match the base type, base type, pillow type triangle (front pillow) Print Hantrslai. Exclusionary nature of the stain will not cover it. Panels are more beautiful pagoda which is currently rare as well.
Open the official seal on the back of the temple was known as the "brand weight" and sold in the body of five hundred to two thousand baht In that era, there was a lot of down time, but I shortly.
Somdej Bang Khun Phrom. (Small pagoda panels).
Year 2508 Provost Faculty Devas (Seng) Abbot Amatarot. Rental income has led to worship the King, some statistics on the restoration of the Year in 2500 by hiring a contractor. To improve the area around the pagoda, which is arranged around the four small pagoda pagoda south of the south at the second set neatly stacked all the eight which I have removed all the small tower demolition contractor found. News Group the number one small pagoda covered with ash. News has kept hidden from the temple know. But still the bones only. Later, the contractor has the right to sell me the one on the field, the dungeon, making amulets small pagoda. Known in the industry at that time. Search for information leading to the abbot said. News from a group of small pagoda or not. Dean said "no" to cause confusion in the early stages. But when I get in later. And has been considered to check the meat. Paneling and stained with Somdej Bang Khun Prom (new dungeon) was found to have a very similar old. Which is expected to be built in the same time in the year 2411-2413.

In a background check, which is believed to create Keep small pagoda is "branded clerk Beetle" from currency "Constitution Grove Samakoses" Home builders are set to inherit a religion. Looks like a Stupa, which pope Ehgapracun Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) has donated five is the magic powder powder powder Ptmag guilds J. Bonaparte powder powder powder's grace and not New demonic. Mix with the printing press to the Lord all Mercy and chanted with the clerk of the brand has used beetle amulets contained in this section with the bones of the ancestors of the family. And when I found out so small stupa dismantled bones. News and such.

News Group has six print is small chedi.

First. Printing two base pairs. Printed pillow third base. Printed triangle.

Four. Printing reclining. 5 grants standing type 6. Printed pagoda curtains parted.

Every god paneled island with stains. Varying. This is a unique one of the panels present the amulets have an interest in the group is very small pagoda.
(Copy and remix. Depth, using data from the newspaper).
God's grace and richness you "Prosperity to You" is the spell of superstition. Or occultism is both white and black, "grace" is that you portray the Buddha. Or discussed the merits of the Buddha. Because of the prosperity chants to the rune to start any of the prayers in the words of the Buddha portray you always. But most Buddhists would be called "grace," which is probably the most accurate.


First. Records King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (growth) of the Journal of the Pasha's radiation Prom Tip Phraya Kosa (taught metal CommissionedRanks) Year 2473.
Two. History Phutthachan Ecclesiastes King (Toronto) Author: Provost belle Nukhro integration. Compiled and edited print: print a memorial at the cremation surrounded Mr. and Mrs. balm enriched eggs hatching fertile Year of Publication: 2512 Maha Constant measuring goodwill.
Three. Letter the pope. By Triiampwai Year 2495.
. 4 of article 100 years of the King. I am British by Mr. Yasin's current book commemorating 100 years of King Phutthachan Ecclesiastes (Toronto) radiation Prom June 22, 2515.
Five. Fourth pope by general income persistence Phat Print Press plc's year 2527.
6th. Books about magical amulets by Kanchana Valley Conference.
Seven. Books in his dream by myself and Publishing 99.
8th. Tales from my experience Mr.Thongchai Stone (surname Isarangkul Gurnee Na Ayudhya) was a potter, sculptor, Bangkok Noi.
9th. Tales from experience Suthum monk Wong Mo (Teacher dip OIC) measured Dgmolehlek Bangkok (age 85 years, 50 years).
10th. Intharawiharn church wall paintings.
11th. Historical & ten categories. From Wikipedia, the. States.
12th. Records Burnham is the new flavor. From Wikipedia, the. States.
13th. History Intharawiharn measure. From Wikipedia, the. States.

Consider the Queen principle Bangkhunprom.
By Professors Pryor Sri Sen forest.
First. Buddhist art style print.
Two. Material.
3. The possibility of nature.
Four. Principles of science.
Five. Contemplation of the card.

Principles contained Phra Kru.
1. The Buddhist art print and remember precisely how many shape print. And each type has a different Buddhist Art, however, and by the adoption of a critical nature.
Two. Publication of the temple bell. And His Majesty Bangkhunprom as well as cutting-edge print and raised. It marks the edge of the glass. And cut back on some materials. Tattoos on the back of the King. Be characterized as a quiver. Sabay News. Roy leaves behind pieces. Caused by materials used to cut back. And a container for the sun and bees.
Three. Stains simulate thin translucent appearance. (As fat when cooled boiled water to float an egg stains and saw some big some small cloth) coated on the Lord, most of which are located along the gorges of the Lord. White light fawn. This stain is stuck with the Lord and will gradually fade when the term is used in some time. (Caused by moist heat to react with body mass. The King in this manner is known as the Upper Old Dungeon).
Four. Stains the frothy lime water profile and see the Lord is translucent white cover with thickness equal. White brown. Adhering tightly to the Lord. (Caused by flood water on the Lord for a long time reduced cement stain floating on the surface is dry to Lord Rama. Looks like this will be possible in two of lime water stains inside the pagoda. (Because it creates a new stupa containing) and reaction mass of flesh through His Majesty's natural environment, this is the central repository known as the old one).
Five. Stains gypsum The band features some big some small. Some, like a bubble full of tofu in a bubble on the smaller ones will notice. White solid, firmly rooted in the flesh. (Caused by wetness. And was flooded and decreased gradually. Heat on high for a long time. This is alternate to the natural environment of the time until the meat mass in the calcareous shells. The lime reacts with the oil (including soy), the King in this manner is at the center of the hammer known as the old dungeon).
6th. Stains grained stingray style resembling shagreen Purplish gray, light brown and dark due to the sand island in the Lord. Strengths can not be washed out. (Birth of Jesus who came into the mix with the soil and sand was flooded for a long time the Pope in this way will be found to be lower and are referred to as the new dungeon).
Seven. Stain the reaction of the honey through the use of a continuous period of time reasonably occur all Phra Kru is packing and packaging repository (the repository containing more difficult to occur. To take over. I think the colors are soft and inferior) of the Lord will look like the color of honey, but the recalled soft and strong weight (muscle mass is caused to react with oil. The term natural is the key ingredient. Honey therapy is an important feature in common currency and the King).
8th. Tracks paved climb and Hnondgn characteristics caused by pollen falling time and the mass of nature.
9th. Tagtrai a small scratch on the surface of the pope. Notice how the Lord turned at an angle to the light, especially at night, it is obvious. His Majesty shall have all the allusions Tagtrai takes time. And may require the use of a time. Was assumed that the stucco You rock and powder Works as a main ingredient.
10th. Shrinking and wrinkled texture comparable to His Majesty the kingdom of nature with mountains creek river islands. Manner comparable to the contraction until wrinkled varying. Depending on the nature of the environment is important.
His Majesty (Phrasomdej) reserves all rights. Reproduced by any means build upon these writings do not cut into the Website and may not be sent via E-mail a copy to study. For academic purposes, and can be taken without permission WINTER Sri Sen as administrator permissions.

Kunphan praikumarn LuangpuTim Lahanrai

Birth Records powder measure Pediatrics Tim Laharnrai mid-2515 when the late Mr. Temple Laharnrai Kaewsawang Awyawanhkr together creating amulets intended to reward people and lay people upon this topic. Donors donate money to the temple Laharnrai merit. Further in the days ahead, especially ผokpattsima Wat Laharnrai in this Tim said. If the powder blends into a baby Great ghost. Amulets are made holy because of the powerful Great ghost child ghost latent assist with permitting. When Tim needs to make baby powder Great ghost. To bring a critical mass to create amulets was chanted it. Among the early followers of Luang Pu Tim Lewis Rico all the subjects who dare to act. Because people were afraid of the mystery of the ghost Taitaggklm. This ancient saying is fierce and supply many balls. By life stage, but just do it "Doctor tiny roses grow" one who has the courage and concentrate hard enough black subjects. I would like to receive the grace offered to bring Tim "skull ghost child" mystical object of great importance. Taitaggklm woman. (Female villagers who died in the accident Tgagแke horrible. Relative to the body is buried in the cemetery at the great divide. The current area residents made pineapple) to allow you to create a chanted. "Great ghost baby powder," which he rose to the tiny growth miracles of the cemetery staff elven elven mother and child, but elves with the objective of building a foundation of merit in Buddhism. Luang Pu Tim acts. Qualities that Tim and black magic to it. The mother said her graveyard elves and elven child and willing consent. The joy of charity they can get doctor rose tiny growth has done this has been successful in all respects "Spirit barcode Ecclesiastes said cemetery mother elves and elven Pediatrics Physical see his shadow clear. I vaguely similar to the reflection on the floor. At present, these spirits still guard the temple Laharnrai "Dr. Rose reiterated a tiny growing baby powder Great ghost then. Not easy. Elves on preppy boy has been progressively put tiny roses wrapped doctor kept the Buddha in old temple. A period of about three to four months. The skull elven boy smells dry out well. Brought pounder thoroughly pounded and mixed with powdered magic key. To give Tim a water bath until all five lotus pollen. Form a large block. Then dried in the sun until completely dry. On beauty at very auspicious day, as Tim stated. The powder sticks to the mold is to write the characters are ciphers on the slate in the old temple. The growth of the holy monks 9 Photo by Tim Lewis Rico. Presiding priest. Write the characters are ciphers. On a slate, then remove the powder before the premiere. The doctor then gave a rose to grow tiny characters Yun and remove the powder next. Great ghost baby powder to consecrate this Tim has chanted elven child into a semi god semi Great ghost ghost was right and the left (the elven partner. An angel sat together. Great ghost instead of left - right) elven spirit child is not the same. But there are not many around. Tim has allusions to the Elven Spirit in all their child passes the ceremonial area. If it helped to nurture life. It came together in static powder Great ghost child that you consecrate this Help protect the supernatural blessing to the faithful in worship time. After the ceremony is complete with powder baby Great ghost pure white blue gray about 1 tray when mixed powder that auspicious to powder Pediatrics Great ghost grained dark brown, about one basin while collecting. by Tim Kuti. When to do so would allow Tim amulets to scoop out the powder to the printing presses again. Doctor said that by growing tiny roses see for themselves. "Tim Lewis Rico powder. Write the characters are ciphers that pass through the slate fall down. And vice infiltrate whites lined out to seven layers to the floor of the temple Laharnrai. "This is not to say that the hyperbolic way. But they reveal to you who believe in Tim Lewis Rico. Will have the joy and appreciation of merit Luang Pu Tim Lewis Rico prestige. If a man has possession of him. The powder magpie elven child. It's fantastic that you have advanced to. Will result in wealth. Prosperity. Monks themselves. This is the merit of those who have co-created together. Grandfather said he's owned it. Who's to come with him. The owner will not have any need to change sooner or later.
True story retold famous Ayutthaya at Wat Sakae, about the year 2520 and it was a cold afternoon, Luang Pu Wat Sakae in Ayutthaya province look dry. Discuss with students sitting out on the terrace of your cubicle. When I discussed briefly in large Luang Pu Du and students see a car running in the park, a man and four men out of the car and went back to his cubicle. "Eh .. I love these guys ..." Luang Pu Du ejaculation. "It is a ghost," the disciple of Luang Pu Du. When Grandfather talking about ghosts. Crane took four. "A. ... I did not see a ghost," one student told Grandfather. "I do not see what's wrong. What is my Grandfather ... "Grandfather laughing with DU alumni. And said to the disciples that .. "I saw it surrounded the four ghosts coming full" four when Gable came to the parsonage. Took off their shoes. Then brought together on parsonage. Crawled into worship Luang Pu Du .. "... Here they come to me. Why taketh with "Luang Pu Du asked the four men. With a laugh and a good mood. The four looked at each other. City Maps Elieklaek. When Luang Pu Du said. They came for ... take a ghost. "Where Ghosts Grandfather," said BOEM find peaceful one in four people who came to Luang Pu. Asked with suspicion. "Do not know yet?" Luang Pu Du laughs with good humor. "I was hanging out of his neck like a" four people came to Grandfather to some "Oh," the four who came to see a disciple of Luang Pu Tim of Wat Laharnrai Rayong. Amulets and everyone has Tim made hung on the neck, such as the elven elven diamond bracelets (the second episode in a row) tablet ... or the little square head. Triangle called queen. And the magpie, big and small. Amulets those mentioned in this behalf. There is also a mix powdered Buddha "Powder Ghost ghost child" is derived from the child Taitaggklm .... Four to the necklace hung with a mixture of baby powder to see Grandfather Grandfather's say I close my eyes for a moment. "His strength is good. But it seems the builders interested .. already .. "" I ... is your Home Tim gauge Laharnrai Rayong has created. Tim could die and more than two years ... "said BOEM find peaceful told Luang Pu Du ... Information from the Web. thank them at this too.

One material that blended into the magpie try block printing. That there is a God, the other is exposed to oil or Ngmamanpornri. With superb towards immortality. To increase the power of the elven elder or Great ghost. Combined with pure spiritual Luang Pu magical power of the Sun, if the sprite violence. Works well as a Brit I have great power over the mighty miracle substance can cover various offerings to the possessor.

I used to sit and talk to my property. Measured during the epic story, you said that this was true. First off, if you've been to Wat Rai Vary. If before the bridge left the crematorium. That's the place you mentioned. But as the old crematorium is a cement platform 2 instead of the pair. What's my property. He said prior to the ceremony. He activates the abbot. At first, you will not believe. He said he used a white cloth to tie the mouth jar and secretly buried in the middle of the burn. Enough after a year off. Morning, they do not invite you to see I forgot to do this ceremony to let others know not. Relatives of the deceased do not fear the morning after the year off. They came to celebrate. Nimrod was at my property to a permission in the. My property he said. Do not believe it. Because the burial ground with white cloth off. Also buried in the soil. I dug up the jars. He said that inside the bottle. Water is very clear yellow. There are very fragrant. He also told me about the last. Now you can do it. Usually, my property will be at the very modest. This is enough oil to make amulets that you are doing it yourself is the only one in the building. God has dried oil powder Pediatrics interviewee several bodies. Many people still do not know. The baby powder. You will hear from Dr. Guillaume scared or cable while you live it. But the oil god Tak. The ceremony was made to do, not crazy, I'm going to tell God dried oil. To make amulets. Pastor Tim's difficulty is. God dried oil or oil ... it'll be known as unearthed by chance. Once the temple is built Sala Rai Brit is the orthopedic residency at the deposition time of 10 years. These bones originally located within the temple area. Mounds have moved to improve the temple took place. Uncle L said that when the bones move. Approximately 15-16 years old. And the one who has removed this. Current age 70 and David Germain. (Uncle L was adopted by Luang Pu Tim. The parents at birth, then that party would not survive. I raised a Lutheran adoptive Grandfather. And by the Wong family. Father's sister's uncle's sister property, L'Tim fame) telling me I need to insect Because a person is directly related to oil. And so you can imagine easier. In well-being in the past. Associated with camaraderie.

It happened in the temple to be built as Sala Rai was able to move the bones of these again. The area that needs to take place. The bones that this If the current account is in the middle Sala Rai. Rather, to the north. But the temple for people to dig up the bones do not move. Who would not get hired. Grandfather gave me to face this bug sole. Because I had been with Grandfather, Uncle L, not born. And also The Undertaker ever before. Including help with Grandfather was not afraid. (David L Gary's Grandfather very intimate. I even had time Plgผm insect Vegetables, fish and commissioned for the consecration. Time when Grandfather was unknown. About my Grandfather's insect talk all day was not over.
And when the day of evacuation. Grandfather's you run into a bug, let me recite a spell the word "Sap break" until the excavation is completed. When I start digging Uncle L was found to be half the oil that is in the glass bottom of a yellow oil make it very clear from the Invited Grandfather's father was very happy. Gently scoop out and let it finish the laundry then talisman gag glasses back into my cubicle. Later, after I had given my grandfather's L to bring it to me at the crossroads of three spin and three before the altar. When night fell, they have passed a stone spa annoyance to people passing shocked why this oil was to the Mother (a trick one) Uncle L, I just do not know. But when I do it later then tricked by Uncle L, do not pretend to be. Those who have a lot of magic. I went through was being deceived. The subjects were known to play. It was the people I got to know my father haunted until I heard it did not bear the l'uncle to tell Grandfather that he's not too amped on cursed. Rather than return to his uncle and Grandfather moved to a new insect. Now, to the three way junction under the tire while doing the same. Uncle L said as night fell I was kidding myself. Seen children climbing on the trees everywhere. But they are not the subject again, to tell people how. Someone made a prank by pretending to pretend to know the l'uncle had done. I got home and the same as ever and I could not handle until you know you need to tell me so I know that this oil is then returned to the l'uncle after uncle sick insect. I told the crowd to a fever-like symptoms people eat less and absorb more sluggish. If one of these symptoms will ever know. The measure is not more than ten days, when I met the mother of my grandfather asked me l'l lost. Maternal uncle L said discomfort. Grandfather had to follow. When I came to L'Grandfather made a holy bath. I told Uncle L, "It's Lenny" almost as bad as each other. Now you will see that that Tim is doing this is not easy to apply it to yourself to take a huge investment risk. If the subject does not actually what happens. This story has been hiding all along that I have brought Knowledge to listen.

PhraPidta LuangpuKaew Watkuewwan

Khrua built.
        About the year 2364 "Father glass" you can hike through the East. And have come to sojourn at one place in the city of Chonburi. Which in those days. Chonburi. Which those Chonburi. Overgrown with forest, mixed deciduous forest is also different. I was looking to find, but the vast emptiness of the sea. Due to the effects of war. During the King Liberator itself. Temples. Destruction has not been restored. Residents in the settlement. Most have little education. Due to lack of attention. With the ascendancy of the Chonburi province, or do not know. To you hike through this. With the pure mercy of you. Cause you to kith and kin are thought to be buried up in the neighborhood. Access to the principles of the Buddha. The reduction in the embroidery. It's admirable of you. Residents in the neighborhood and they bring the food to me. The popular folk mystique. When I saw the Rukkmol. Routine and perform other strange pilgrim. The veneration. I read it to you. The kith and kin come to you when you are inviting welcome Dhammanungune recipients. Because there is a fair offer. When you mentioned Mystique hookworm from you. Please read it. And to give a good really. Comprising a great magical spells. Because of the hike, you will carry out the objects of the body with it. You would certainly not pick up. But you still have a great magical spells. When he commented that he was. According to Ed's question fair appreciation. According to the Buddha taught. The spell is a prayer. Memorial to the Triple Gem. Hyun Joong takes on kith and kin in veneration. So you start restoring debris. One measure of the abandoned temple. By the participation of kith and kin in the neighborhood as well as some of it. You could be possible Pendleton called "Wat Khrua" still holding out a vision where the vine got covered and then you just have to teach people the principles of Buddhism. It is bordered by the presence worshipers - worshipers. Meet with the service received. For those who have faith took ordination in Buddhism. He taught with such principles. The enlightenment of the individual.

Moral enough glass.
         Father you are the glass with high morals. Morality is magic. Magical spells and holy. Moral virtues are located in a region with generosity in spirit as sympathetic joy and equanimity. Your heart filled with love. And the poor creatures. Ruby on WB with activists they were good. Neutrality and trust. I did and do not regret the failure on others. Live as those who have compassion for people such as this. So I created the gods symbolized blindfolded. Because the eye is a symbol of what is not seen. Is not to focus blame. And to blame others. The compassion and mercy. Honest to humans and other animals, always together. Woodruff solid ground. Unmoved in the aroma and the smell of human waste into the earth. So my glass. I love this neutral place you hate or despise the other. Because you do not want anyone to suffer. You hold the key as to who would be the lucky fortune favors anyone who follows them has merit.

How to create glass powder pastor.
         Log in to my building, the glass is. Usually, it's nothing much, you are my glass is carefully characterized normal. He is a forward who is currently teaching at the Pali grammar. You can keep the powder out of character to remove them. The teaching in those days to delete a character to be written on the blackboard really. And that popular. Powder removed from the school Pali characters. Which is written as a letter to the magical and sacred. You will be mixed with the powder or powder Great Buddha When dust pencils. Grace and powder together then. He took Gaysorn flowers, leaves, bark and wood grinding it into a powder. Then mixed with powdered characters. It was mixed with rice powder. To make sticky. Until I was a priest. Mix powder to a glass that his father. When you remove the dust with powdered pencil you write characters on the blackboard. Remove both powder and then mixed into the Leaf's. Different types of leaves that lay on Swat etc.
         Gaysorn out some flowers. Crushed into fine powder. Mix to blend well together. I took away the rice, mix the clay. Took and pressed into molds. Incidentally, it was the Holy Father biographical glass. Former abbot of Wat Khrua. Chonburi this May not match what you have heard. Because you may have a long history of recognizing the error. Which are unusual to you. According to their understanding. The author has written the story of many people. Which is closer and know your history well. Moreover, a relative recounted the events of that period. Which I have enough reliable evidence. Story and art by some of the revolutionaries. We shall be featuring its class. Nonetheless. My glass has passed away long ago. Biographies of people who have no written record that bordered it. The old resident told me life so I could practice some tolerance to it. I hope that if any lack I do not know or understand the error. If any of the above. I do not have a conviction that I knew before. Reason to write is to tell stories. For those who have not listened to them only. And hope you know the history of glass can be his father. Credentials. Please notice bordered grow. And order history will be complete. To the knowledge and understanding of the future later. History of biological interest you. If I will have some good results in the biography of the composer.

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Art of Phrapong Supan

Art of Phrapong Supan

         A lot of gold discovered inscription mentions the construction. The gold powder it. That "Supmasdu 1265 Sittikariia show said that all four of their holy hermit hermit Pym Chair Pilates Syl. We are made by strength with gadgetry. The king is the Supreme Lord Sri Meesuwan was fairly devastated. A faith. The hermit is simultaneously brought their four that kept them. The hermit thus invoking angels to help them place a red votive ceremony is to take place, one that made black powder lumps. Typed manuscript of Sri Maha Thera Piya Tasman reflected color Saree is the son of the president in the midst. Have taken different minerals have different strength. Cast a spell with a full three months, then you have to devise a shrine to one of the city's thousands of Toombs.

         If any witness to be taken to the worship of a superhuman. Despite the danger any better. Bound to invite the neck. Dangers that might protect them. Sabres pour out the oil. Then you sit fairly Maximus Brikornrnam grace your arm ends at 13 108 at the end of the achievement. I assume the desire let painted face and hair, neck, chest, if you have the compassion to let them negotiate a dignified obedience to duty. To put it in the oil. Newark auto cast a spell, you end arm 13 to 13 end 13 end to the Buddha, flowers, candles, incense ceremony on Saturday. Oil is always kept my lips and forehead, as if any of them found that the pollen from the ape but it is made with mineral Maximus. To underestimate it. The third power of the wall as well as the dangers of all this, then that spells danger diagonal Glass entirety. Already oblique ridge eyes that spells the end to the Buddha Dhamma Sangha, you end arm to the end and then the other as follows. I'll stake my music during the Maha Chai Nat is likely that you do want to give that Pa pan dimensional Kung Mun Ki's pranks They may shift between Ma ash pan Qualities and ".
        Phra Kru Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat powder Suphan Buri is famous amulets. Were contained in a series of "Benjapakee" which is both the ground beef and beef is called "the gold powder to the bowl."
        But the so-called "gold dust" because of the discovery of gold inscription mentions a lot of powder that pollen.
Holy Wood. It had been popularly known as "gold dust" is that which can be divided into three type.

        1. The gold powder print the page.
        Two. Phra Suphan Pages powder medium.
        3. The gold powder Pages youth.

        Art Monk powder gold is associated with one type of art, including statues of Buddha Art U. Due to the origin of the gold powder in the area at the center of the so-called religious art. Art U One way to break the mold, the mold powder gold are classified and named according to the Buddha, Buddhist, including U Print to print the page. Young and print them.

        In fact, art is the art of interaction between U Dvaravati period with Khmer or Cambodian. Later after the Sukhothai blends with Buddhist art that became the last of the merger by the end of the 16th century until the middle of the 19th century, that is, at the end of the Dvaravati Khmer have the power. Lands in the river basins. The art of Dvaravati successors remained constant. By incorporating art into Khmer. Before Sukhothai became the center of power and prosperity of the Buddhist religion has continued to the Ayutthaya period. Art U is the combination of Sukhothai art class. U, which we may classify as art.
        First. Artistic U early. Last century in the late 16-18 is a blend of art Dvaravati and Khmer art. Can be classified into.
           - Chang Lopburi Art U currencies. Known as the "Khmer U" "U - Lop" or "U - pot lid".
           - The currency Thong Suphan technician. Known. "U - Suvarnabhumi" more human-like. Tha most beautiful. Referred to by the King's English. "Ridge Racer Chin people".
        Two. Artistic U the second. Aged in the early 19th century to the mid 20th century art will blend with the Art U early Sukhothai art. What is the overlap between art Sukhothai to the early Ayutthaya period. Known. "U - early Ayutthaya".

        Three. Artistic Thong third. Age around the year 1952 - 1991 during the reign of the Prince by the King. Her Majesty the Emperor 2 (Chao Sam Phraya) until the beginning of the reign Trailokkanat. Ayutthaya's art is influenced much more. (From an archaeological excavation near the town pastor warped West side, away from the main prang. 30 meters to the southwest of the clay molds found 3 cm high, 42 cm wide and is molded to the powdered stuff. Print page but the lower the damage).

Buddhist identity of the powder stuff.

    The gold powder was found in the dungeon Amulets Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Suphanburi texture is clay amulets. Simulation Lord Buddha nature Buddha subduing Mara in character. Split mold to a page. Print medium. Young and print. (Anciently called Print mice) Lord Buddha sitting posture. Chiang on the same floor. His head is like a pot lid grille face grim. Thick nose section of the frying his chest tapered. Expression of art from my U emphasizes inclusiveness most human hence on the type of the three types are called according to his face, and the arts from Chang Buddha, his face wrinkled like an old man called Print. Belonging to the page before taper. Free from wrinkles. Young called Pages.

    The gold powder is shown by the inscription mentions a lot of gold that "........ Praฤๅษi four identity so that they kept the same. Praฤๅษi to summon angels to help them place a red votive ceremony is to take place, one that made black powder lumps. Print handwritten Maha Thera Roller Piya Tuscan colors. Saree is the son of Sri. As large as president there. Have taken different minerals have different strength. Cast a spell with a full three months, then you have to devise a shrine to one of the city's thousands of Tomb ... If any of them found by the good Lord that I made with pollen from ape ore Maximus ...... ".

    The meaning of the inscription mentions gold courtyard of the gold powder into the two types of soil that is a mixture of pollen and various clay is the flesh of the creators of the ancient tablet. White powder gold is the "place one red, one black place" and one week. The powder made from minerals, gold metal, which is called by the inscription. "Took different minerals have different power .... If anyone finds ..... made from mineral Maximus ape", which refers to the powdered stuff that piece of meat known. "Most of the gold dust bowl".

    For the gold powder is ground beef. Amulets is a combination of clay mass material, and whether the various ancient peoples called pollen. "The pollen stuff" will notice that the texture of the soil is fairly dry stuff. Compared to the temple dungeon queen queen Phitsanulok is that the powder stuff is more than flesh. But not much more. Phra Kru Wat Maha survival Lampoon, which was used as a clay soil in Suphanburi. Which are unique to the individual not the same. For problems that If the mix that when burnt through. Of material that can not withstand the heat. Then be decomposed. If considered in the Lord gold powder did not appear cavitation caused by the decomposition of meat that. But somehow it To consider the process of building God's Bora integrated Ecclesiastes is important that there are many ways one of which found evidence in the adoption of that dust, pollen auspicious 108 a sacred object to create the include the header that starred a different source. Squeeze out the water that is mixed with other material which is found that the powdered stuff that I would have held if it is soft and sweat and mud. It is even more shiny as the ancients called "the matter" which include juicing into that mixture does not burn so on through the digestive tract. Breakdown of muscle that.

    Because the soil is the gold dust through the fire. Color of the Lord is like one. With the soil, the other is from the burning of green is burned at high temperatures and long red Moyer navy gray to black.

    A clay tablet meat. Since the ancient times, with the development of building technology along with techniques for making pottery, especially the territory of Thailand. Since the type of clay found Tawaravadee continually. Inscription in two main Wat Sri Chum, which inscription by Sri Maha Sangha Trust (BE 1890-1917) discussed the miracle of Ekstatu by Burned soil compared to demonstrate the technology to control the temperature as "the head of the Sea That came with a multitude. Blitz is a fantastic water sailing in midair. One thing that the high green east burning kiln Hai "which scientific analysis found. The color of the flame is green. At temperatures up to 1,300 to 1,400 degrees Celsius, which is done when the technology to build the kiln. The heating and temperature control as well.